Manage your sales and opportunities, enrol your students and control the entire education process from attendance to billing - all in one place. Luana gives you complete control

Education Program Setup

Complex Program Administration

Create and manage accredited or non-accredited programs with endless variety

Subject Administration

Create and manage subjects offered in your programs

Program and Subject Administration on Salesforce

Course Administration

Course Administration

Create, schedule and manage intake dates for your programs

Session Administration

Schedule face to face sessions and workshops
● Share sessions amongst multiple courses
● Track enrolments and attendance for each session
● Allocate venues, rooms and trainers to your classroom-delivered session

Trainer Allocation

Schedule trainers and resources to the right courses and sessions and ensure there are no clashes

Resource Allocation

Track your organisation’s assets, who they are with and for which course
Resources can range from computers and projectors to cars and trucks

Course Administration on Salesforce

Referral Fees

Luana can track, measure, and report any referrals or commissions your organisation needs to manage with 3rd party sales channels

Integrating with external systems

Luana is a native Salesforce application, which means it has access to the rich API stack. Luana connects quickly and easily with a wide range of external systems, such as Learning Management and Finance applications

From Lead to Student

Luana uses Salesforce’s Sales Cloud to track, measure and forecast your sales and marketing initiatives from when a prospect makes an enquiry to when they become a student. Track opportunities to individual student enrolments, and close the marketing/sales/student loop

Manage lead to learner on Salesforce

Rich Reporting and Business Intelligence

Luana uses Salesforce’s reporting engine and dashboards tool, to create insightful reports and dashboards to get a complete view (or any particular view) of your training business. Instantly

Student Analytics and Dashboards on Salesforce

Luana is Salesforce Native

This is what makes Luana so powerful. Being 100% native on Salesforce, Luana lets you tap into a host of features and functions that give you complete control of your business

Email templates

Workflow Rules

Validation Rules

Case Management

Create Custom Fields

Luana + Salesforce = Total control of your student management system

Custom Security Profiles

Custom Page Layouts

Mobile Support

Customer Communities

And more...

Ready to Luana?

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