Australian Institute of Music future proofs with Salesforce, Luana & pardot

A case study in streamlining the recruitment process in Australian Higher Education 

Jerry Siden

Jerry Siden

Director - Sales & Marketing

The solution of Luana, Salesforce and Pardot that we have rolled out has enabled AIM to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our sales nurturing process and as a result has increased our sales conversion rate. The real time sales metrics are valuable for not just myself but also the sales team members as it allows them to manage and prioritise their work accordingly.

Registrar team efficient

Registrar team increases efficiency by utilising Salesforce, Luana and Conga Composer to generate Offer Letters fast and accurately

Automated lead nurturing

Pardot Provided AIM with the ability to nurture leads to build closer relationships with potential students. Directing the right staff and effort to influence a positive outcome for enrolments

Results: Increased enrolments

By significantly reducing the turn around time to reach out to prospects from 3 days to same day has increased first contact rates leading to higher enrolment numbers


AIMs' recruitment team have been facing significant challenges over the past few years with an inefficient recruitment process that was fraught with double handling. 

Some of the challenges faced:

  • Enquiries were being captured in a separate system, then manually ported across into a CRM
  • Sales process was not supported by existing systems
  • Disconnect between recruitment and registrar team was slowing down offer letters and offer acceptances
  • Offer Letters generated manually
  • Prospect audition process prior to being accepted into a program was paper based and very inefficient
  • Lack of visibility and transparency on prospect enrolment journey meant that it was difficult to forecast intake figures for upcoming semesters

AIM project goals: 

  • Stringent sales lead nurturing capabilities to maximise ROI on marketing spend
  • Fast turnaround time for the application process to meet customer’s expectation
  • Leverage Salesforce and Luana to reduce time consuming or manual administrative processes that slow down the recruitment process
  • A robust yet flexible reporting system that allows clear visibility of sales pipeline, market analysis and capturing of information that future growth across diverse markets

How we helped and the results

Luana and its implementation partner WDCI were able to achieve some incredible outcomes using a combination of out of the box features in Salesforce/Luana, as well as some specified customisations leveraging the Salesforce platform and 3rd party AppExchange apps:

  • The solution was delivered using Salesforce Sales Cloud and best in class applications – Luana for Salesforce for student management and Pardot for marketing automation
  • Pardot provided AIM with the ability to nurture leads to build closer relationships with potential students. Directing the right staff and effort to influence a positive outcome for enrolments
  • Complete granular control of the marketing process from Web through to pre-enrolment of a student
  • Luana, a native Salesforce application, enabled the AIM recruitment team to manage and process large numbers of enquiries. Luana handles all key steps in the process of student pre-enrolment, providing the flexibility to further extend the coverage of the solution into student admissions
  • Setup team based reports and dashboards to provide real-time metrics on recruitment and registrar activities, with full visibility to management. This eliminated the need to regularly consolidate reports from multiple systems, tabulate results and distribute
  • Replaced a manual student offer process with a Conga Composer document generation solution integrated with Luana to generate, store and send offer letters from within Salesforce quickly and efficiently
  • Replaced paper based audition scheduling and results capture with an audition app integrated with Luana and the student record. Auditions are now scheduled and the results are captured in realtime directly in Salesforce - eliminating paper handling and speeding up offers made to successful candidates
  • The business has a platform which will enable it to develop and manage new channels – all in one system
  • Increased employee satisfaction, more freedom to focus on the student through the elimination of manual processes

Technologies leveraged

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Salesforce Pardot
Salesforce Sales Cloud

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About AIM

AIM (The Australian Institute of Music) is an internationally recognised and Australian Government accredited Higher Education Institution, with campuses in Sydney and Melbourne. Founded in 1968, AIM delivers innovative education for careers in the Australian music, entertainment and performing arts industries, with a reputation as a leading independent eduction provider.

Its music and performing arts courses offer accredited undergraduate and graduate studies in Contemporary Performance, Classical Performance, Audio Engineering, Composition/Music Production, Musical Theatre, Theatre Performance and Acting, Arts Management and Entertainment Management.

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About WDCI

A Salesforce & Luana Partner who specialises in Salesforce development, data migration, and integration, and have significant experience in the education sector

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