Our Mission

Automate the heebajibbas out of everything, make life easy

Lots of moving parts

Running an established training company doesn’t just happen…many cogs need to work together to make a successful enterprise. The founder of Luana previously experienced this when establishing a training company, some of the obstacles he faced included:

  • multiple systems used to run student lifecycle (CRM–>SMS/SIS–>Finance–>Etc..)…too many platforms.
  • inability to track sales and pipeline opportunities…unable to forecast!
  • ineffective marketing due to multi sources of student data…inability to execute target marketing.
  • double data entry for admin teams, dealing with multiple systems…a ton of human errors!
  • of course this is in addition to the other issues business face on a day to day basis with administration, finance and customer support.

“With separate systems managing each main part of the business, it was hard to get transparency across the entire operation of the business, and even harder to execute marketing and provide exceptional service to students. The end result… CHAOS” – Founder of Luana.


Cogs to run a training business

CHAOS Led to an Epiphany…SIS on Salesforce

By consolidating the systems into one, business operations were transformed. This gave management complete transparency of the business, which increased sales by 30%, and reduced administration times by 27%. The change in business operations also enabled marketing to tap into unified data, resulting in targeted messaging to each learner and prospect. Progression rates increased by 10% via proactive support based on realtime analytics.

This six year journey, gave the business an immense boost, significantly increasing it’s ROI on the investment to consolidate, increase sales numbers, increase profits – and gave more time back to management and staff by providing complete transparency and clarity…ahhh Luana!

Increase in Sales 

30% Increase

Increase in Learner Progression 

10% Increase

Decrease in Admin Time 

27% Decrease
Automate Education in Salesforce

Luana, it's now here

Luana has been in the making for 2 years. Carefully architected to be a flexible, robust and agile platform to help training business reign in their disparate islands of information and become more productive, agile, transparent and provide exceptional service to their learners. This will also bring on a wave of innovation to improve with new custom apps and Appexchage apps plugged in to Luana and Salesforce – a never before on existing SIS platforms.

Luana, is here now, and we are excited to work with you and help your training business achieve the next level.

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